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Turtle Lake (North Dakota) High School - 1967. Salutatorian. Finalist National Science Fair 1966 and 1967.
University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, majoring in Philosophy of Language; 1966-1969.
Anchorage Community College, Surveying Technology program; 1975-1976.
University of Alaska Anchorage and Mat-Su College, majored in Computer Science, Business Option; 1987-1994.

Professional Summary

Has been developing software since 1987. His primary programming media are C, C++, rebol, python,
Visual Basic for Applications, Lisp, Newlisp and javascript. He generally works at this time in CGI and Internet Services,
as well as on a PC Desktop - in both existing and new applications, including the Microsoft Office suite. 
Mr. Johnson's programming projects have made extensive use of Microsoft Access on desktop and MySQL on the server.
Mr. Johnson provides services on both MS-Windows, Sun System and Linux Operating systems.

Programming Languages

  • COBOL: 2 Semesters
  • DBASE: 2 Semesters - Alaska State Fair Database, 1989
  • PASCAL: 1 Semester.
  • C(since 1989)
  • C++ (since 1997)
  • Assembler for x86, PDP-11
  • rebol (since 2000)
  • python (since 2000)
  • vba - Visual Basic for Applications - since 1996
  • Javascript (Since 2003)
  • Newlisp (Since 2005)

Data Mining and Conversion

  • Extensive experience converting databases from one form to another.
  • Example
    • Data dump from FTP connection
    • Data is evaluated for column names
    • Column names converted to names acceptable for another database format.
    • New database created automatically.
    • Build Javascript associative arrays with normalization scheme.

Selected Programming and Development Experience

  • Property, Inc DBA - Rgud.biz Kevin Baker Ph # 907-357-2000, email: kevin@rgud.biz
    • » Alaskamls.comrgud.com »property.biz/ » and other sites of the same owners.
      Sites are interactive and database - driven with dynamic content.
      Applications include the entire management of a Real Estate Transaction
      including buyer and seller registration, credit card processing for fees,
      dozens of input forms. Property assessment appeal reporting.

    • Strategies:
      • Leveraging the MVC scheme by a self-developed process that enables the
        creation of forms of any size(400 or more fields). This process entails both
        automatic generation of python, rebol and javascript code as well as MySQL
        data definitions for database creation, modification and normalization.
        In addition, these strategies leverage existing open source tools such as the
        MySQL database system with both TCP/IP and shared - object access,
      • Javascript libraries including dojojquery and AjaxRequest. as well as
        self-developed libraries.
        Current cutting-edge technologies include ajax and DHTML. An excellent 
        proof of concept for DHTML may be seen » HERE.
        All javascript libraries used may be reviewed by viewing the source of this page
        and in turn, sourcing the javascript URLs displayed at the top of the source.
        Proof of authorship is at the top (first few lines) of each file.
        Further real-time demonstrations can be enabled with a guest account at
        » Alaskamls.com, given the permission of the owner.
      • CGI Programming - Database management using MySQL, session management with cookies,
        user persistance, logging and error handling.
  • Myra International
    • Multiple Web Sites
    • High level of interactivity
    • Dynamic Content
    • Search Engines
    • Membership registration and account management
    • Automatic email functionality
  • Commmunity Connections
    • Internet on-line database and referral system for Health, Social Service
      and Education providers in the Mat-Su Valley.
    • Database management
    • Search engines
    • Statistical reporting.
    • 400+ field database.
    • 19,000 lines of code. 
      Written in 32-bit C for Windows NT server.
  • Neptune Alaska Internet Service Provider
    • Provided all software engineering and programming services
  • Systems Analysis and Programming Project for the Alaska State Fair
    • Business System analyzed
    • Programming was designed and developed to handle entirety of entrant's Database.
    • Includes reporting, statistical information, data entry and data retrieval.
    • Main programming language for this project was dBaseIII+, using Third Normal Form.
  • Database Management System for Mat-Su Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • Free standing (independantly executable) application to handle all 
      data, input and reporting for this organization.
    • Built using the DataBoss for DOS graphical development system, 
      which generates code for the "C" Programming Language.
    • Enhacements for special features using the the C language.
    • Interactive enhancements and programming services for web site.
  • Matnet Internet Service Provider
    • Provided software engineering and programming services
    • Provided Technical Support for Customers
  • Construction Estimator
    • Construction Project Estimator for local construction company
    • Full text-based graphical user interface (ncurses style)
    • File I/O
    • Reporting, mathematical computations
    • Data structure conversions
    • Conversion facilities for other construction estimators
    • Written in C and Assembler
    • Emphasis on commercial resale
    • Fully backward compatible to XT level machines. 
      Fully forward compatible to Protected Mode, extended memory and 32-bit systems.
  • Valley Women's Resource Center
    • Intake forms and Data Tracking, input and output. Designed on and for Microsoft Access.
      Target user: Battered women's shelter.
    • Y-2K audit.
  • Online Help and Documentation Applications
    • Provided to vendors of programming libraries.
    • Fully graphical interface, viewing and appending facilities for documentation.
    • Backward and forward compatible from XT to Pentium systems,
      Monochrome to CGA to SuperVga video.
  • winemarketjournal.com
    • This was arguably the largest database of Fine Wine and
      Fine Wine Prices on the internet. Services include:
    • Data conversion from MS-Access to Mix/ISAM
    • Data conversion from MS-Access to MySQL
    • Custom FTP Services.
    • Online administration.
    • Secure subscription and data maintenance
    • Custom search engines
  • Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce Wasilla, Alaska
    • Online membership database
    • Database conversion and upload services
    • Database administration online.
    • Desktop customization of MS-Access Database
    • Custom search engines
  • Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce Palmer, Alaska
    • Online membership database
    • Database conversion and upload services
    • Database administration online.
    • Desktop customization of MS-Access Database
    • Custom search engines
  • SeeUOnline (Mat-Su School District) Palmer, Alaska
    • On-line course design and instruction
    • rebol
    • python
    • C/C++